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Additional Sentences

"Additional" is an adjective that refers to something added or extra beyond what is already present or available. e.g., You may need additional time to complete the project.

How to use Additional in a sentence

Additional Sentences

She needed additional information to finish her research paper.
The library ordered additional copies of the popular book.
To finish the puzzle, we require additional pieces.
The storm caused additional delays to our schedule.
We had to make an additional stop at the store for milk.
If you want to go on the field trip, you will need additional permission from your parents.
The teacher provided additional resources for us to study.
Our team needs additional practice before the big game.
He invested additional money in his business.
The movie will have additional scenes in the director's cut.
The construction project requires additional materials.
She asked for an additional sauce with her fries.
If you have additional questions, feel free to ask.
Our holiday plans include additional days for relaxation.
She added an additional paragraph to her essay to clarify her argument.
The campers set up an additional tent for their friends.
The restaurant offers additional toppings on their pizza.
They provided additional seating for the guests at the wedding.
If you need additional help, there's a user manual in the box.
To avoid sunburn, you should apply additional sunscreen.
You'll have to pay an additional fee for extra luggage.
The city is planning to build an additional playground in the park.
The artist will be releasing additional tracks on the album.
The project has additional costs that were outside the initial budget.
You might need additional time to understand this complex topic.
The company provided additional support for its employees during the pandemic.
He needs to take additional courses to complete his degree.
The school offers additional tutoring for students who need help.
He received additional homework for misbehaving in class.
They're expecting additional guests for the dinner party.
The athlete did additional exercises to build up his strength.
The garden needs additional watering during the summer.
The rescue team sent additional human resources to the disaster area.
She's offering additional services in her salon now.
We've raised additional funds for the school's arts program.
The science experiment requires additional safety measures.
The teacher took additional time to explain the concept to us.
The patient may need additional medication for pain.
He gave additional tips to the waiter for his excellent service.
The government is providing additional aid to the affected area.
The app requires additional permissions to access your contacts.
The designer added additional details to the dress to make it more beautiful.
We need to make additional efforts to improve our grades.
You'll need additional training to operate this machinery.
I brought additional clothes in case the weather changes.
The game requires additional players to form a team.
She ordered an additional dessert to share with her friend.
The store gave additional discounts during the holiday season.
The report needs additional data to be completed.
They are recruiting additional staff for the summer season.

Additional Definitions

Extended: In terms of time, additional implies an extension.
Additional hours of operation.
Added Value: In economics, additional can refer to extra features that add value.
The car comes with additional accessories.
Extra: Additional refers to something more than what is already present.
They needed additional funds.
Supplementary: Additional can mean complementing something that already exists.
Additional exercises for homework.
Amplification: In speech, additional can mean providing more explanation or examples.
He offered additional clarification.
Replacement: Additional can imply a backup or substitute for something.
They brought an additional battery.

Additional Idioms & Phrases

An additional pair of hands

Another person to help with a task.
I could use an additional pair of hands to help set up for the party.

Put in additional effort

To exert more effort or work harder than before.
The coach insisted that the team put in additional effort to win the next game.

Add additional fuel to the fire

To worsen an already difficult or controversial situation.
By bringing up past arguments, he was just adding additional fuel to the fire.

Bring additional fish to fry

To have more important things to deal with.
I can't worry about that now; I have additional fish to fry.

Have additional strings to your bow

To have more than one skill or plan that you can rely on.
Being able to play the piano and the guitar means that John has additional strings to his bow.

In need of additional elbow grease

Needing more effort or hard work.
The old car was in need of some additional elbow grease to get it running smoothly.

Additional grist to the mill

Additional information or resources that can be used to advantage.
The data from the latest research provides additional grist to the mill for our argument.

Additional food for thought

Something extra to think about or consider.
The professor's lecture gave me additional food for thought on the subject.

Additional feather in your cap

Another achievement or accomplishment.
Winning the spelling bee was an additional feather in Sara's cap.

Go the additional mile

To do more than is required or expected.
She always goes the additional mile for her clients, ensuring they're completely satisfied.

Be on additional cloud nine

To be extremely happy.
After his promotion, he was on additional cloud nine.

Require additional hands on deck

Need more people to help with a task.
We're going to need additional hands on deck to finish this project on time.

Turn a blind eye to additional

To ignore something additional that is problematic.
We cannot turn a blind eye to additional pollution in our city.

Bear the brunt of additional

To deal with the worst part of additional negative occurrences.
The coastal areas bore the brunt of the additional storm damage.

Additional cooks spoil the broth

Too many people involved in managing an activity can ruin it.
We don't need everyone's opinion on this issue, additional cooks spoil the broth.

Have additional irons in the fire

To have several plans or possibilities available.
Don't worry if this business idea doesn't work out; I have additional irons in the fire.

Pull someone's leg with additional

To joke or tease someone about something additional.
He's just pulling your leg with additional stories about his adventures.

An additional shot in the arm

Something that gives a new impetus or energy.
The team's victory was an additional shot in the arm for their morale.

With additional bells and whistles

With more features or embellishments.
The new model of the car comes with additional bells and whistles like a sunroof and heated seats.

Additional icing on the cake

An extra enhancement or pleasing addition to an already good thing.
The bonus he received at work was additional icing on the cake.

Common Curiosities

How do we divide Additional into syllables?

"Additional" can be divided into syllables like this: ad-di-tion-al.

What part of speech is Additional?

"Additional" is an adjective.

What is the verb form of Additional?

The verb form of "additional" is "add".

What is another term for Additional?

Another term for "additional" could be "extra" or "supplementary".

What is the pronunciation of Additional?

Additional is pronounced as /əˈdɪʃ.ən.əl/.

What is the root word of Additional?

The root word of "additional" is "add".

How many syllables are in Additional?

There are four syllables in "additional".

Which vowel is used before Additional?

The use of a vowel before "additional" depends on the context, but commonly "an" is used when "additional" is at the beginning of a sentence.

What is the opposite of Additional?

The opposite of "additional" is "less" or "fewer".

Which determiner is used with Additional?

"Additional" can be used with various determiners such as "the", "an", "this", "that", etc., depending on the context.

Is Additional an adverb?

No, "additional" is not an adverb. It's an adjective.

Is a Additional an abstract noun?

No, "additional" is not an abstract noun. It's an adjective.

Why is it called Additional?

It is called "additional" because it refers to something added or extra to what is already present.

Is a Additional a noun or adjective?

"Additional" is an adjective.

Is Additional a negative or positive word?

"Additional" is neither negative nor positive; it's neutral. It depends on the context in which it is used.

Is a Additional a countable noun?

No, "additional" is not a countable noun. It's an adjective.

Is the Additional a vowel or consonant?

"Additional" is a word, not a single letter. It contains both vowels and consonants.

Is Additional a collective noun?

No, "additional" is not a collective noun. It's an adjective.

Is Additional term a metaphor?

No, "additional" is not a metaphor. It is a term used to describe something extra or added.

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