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Slight Sentences

"Slight" is an adjective meaning small in amount, degree, or extent. e.g., There might be a slight delay in the program due to rain.

How to use Slight in a sentence

Slight Sentences

His smile made a slight change in her mood.
She felt a slight chill as she stepped outside.
His voice was quiet, almost to a slight whisper.
There's only a slight chance of rain today.
The math problem seemed slight, but it took an hour to solve.
Her foot had a slight limp after the accident.
She experienced a slight discomfort in her stomach after eating.
The recipe called for a slight increase in sugar.
He had a slight fever after the vaccination.
After the storm, the path had slight damage.
Despite the slight improvement in his grades, he still needed to work harder.
His face turned a slight shade of pink when she complimented him.
She had a slight suspicion about his intentions.
She gave him a slight nod, indicating her approval.
The morning fog caused a slight delay in the flight.
The weight difference between the two boxes was slight.
He saw a slight glimmer of hope in her eyes.
The painting had a slight tilt to the right.
A slight error in calculations can lead to a big mistake.
The door had a slight creak when it opened.
There was a slight bulge in his pocket where he hid the candy.
The meeting ended with a slight increase in our budget.
The recipe needed a slight adjustment to taste perfect.
He had a slight preference for chocolate ice cream.
After the hike, I felt a slight pain in my knee.
A slight breeze blew the leaves off the trees.
He spoke in a slight accent which I found charming.
I felt a slight itch on my hand.
A slight drizzle started as we began our journey.
The cloth had a slight tear at the corner.
The test showed a slight improvement in her health.
The cake had a slight hint of lemon in it.
His behavior showed a slight lack of respect.
The teacher noticed a slight improvement in his handwriting.
The match ended with a slight win for our team.
She has a slight fondness for vintage clothing.
There was a slight misunderstanding between the two friends.
She gave a slight shrug when I asked her opinion.
She had a slight advantage in the game because she practiced more.
I noticed a slight twitch in his eye when he lied.
His drawing had a slight resemblance to a famous painting.
His tone had a slight note of sarcasm.
He was feeling a slight dizziness after the roller coaster ride.
There was a slight variation in their performances.
The curtain had a slight movement from the wind.
I could see a slight frown on her face.
The tree had a slight lean towards the east.
The actor had a slight resemblance to a famous celebrity.
I detected a slight sweetness in the dish.
He made a slight adjustment to his speech.

Slight Definitions

Small Amount: Slight means a small degree or amount.
There's a slight chance of rain.
Weak: Slight can also describe something lacking strength or intensity.
She gave a slight effort.
Thin or Delicate: As an adjective, slight can describe something thin or fragile.
She had a slight build.
Minimal: In comparisons, slight implies something barely noticeable.
There's a slight difference in color.
Ignored: In social contexts, slight means to disregard or overlook.
She slighted his advances.
To Snub: As a verb, slight means to insult by ignoring.
He felt slighted at the party.

Slight Idioms & Phrases

Have a slight edge

To have a small advantage over someone else.
In the chess tournament, John had a slight edge over his opponents due to his years of practice.

Slight chance

A very small possibility or likelihood.
There is a slight chance of rain today, so we may need to cancel the picnic.

Slight improvement

A small amount of progress or betterment.
After weeks of practice, she finally showed a slight improvement in her piano skills.

Slight hope

A small amount of hope.
There is a slight hope that we might still win the game if we play our best.

At the slight end

At the minor or less important end.
His role in the project was at the slight end, but he still contributed valuable ideas.

Slight chance of survival

Very low probability of continuing to live or exist.
Despite his severe illness, he still has a slight chance of survival.

Slight problem

A minor issue or difficulty.
There's a slight problem with the computer, but I'm working on it.

Slight difference

A small dissimilarity or distinction between two things.
There's only a slight difference between these two shades of blue.

Slight misunderstanding

A minor confusion or misinterpretation.
We had a slight misunderstanding about the meeting's schedule.

Give someone the slight

To intentionally ignore or treat someone as unimportant.
She was upset because she felt her friends gave her the slight at the party.

Slight change of plans

A minor alteration or modification in the original plan.
Due to the weather, there has been a slight change of plans for the picnic.

Slight risk

A small or low-level danger or threat.
There is a slight risk of thunderstorms later in the afternoon.

Slight reduction

A small decrease or lowering.
After negotiations, there was a slight reduction in the price.

Slight increase

A small rise or increment.
There has been a slight increase in the temperature today.

Slight variation

A minor change or alteration.
This model has a slight variation in design from the previous one.

Slight delay

A minor setback or postponement.
There's been a slight delay in the flight's departure time.

Slight adjustment

A small modification or tweak.
With a slight adjustment to the recipe, the cake tasted perfect.

Common Curiosities

What is the pronunciation of Slight?

Slight is pronounced as /slaɪt/.

What part of speech is Slight?

"Slight" is an adjective. It can also be used as a verb in certain contexts.

What is the verb form of Slight?

The verb form of "slight" is "to slight," which means to ignore or treat someone as unimportant.

How many syllables are in Slight?

There is one syllable in "slight."

Is Slight an adverb?

No, "slight" is not an adverb.

Why is it called Slight?

"Slight" is called so due to its Old Norse origin meaning "smooth, easy, or small," which reflects the current meaning of "small in degree or extent."

Which determiner is used with Slight?

The determiner used with "slight" can vary depending on the context. Some examples might include "a," "the," "this," or "that."

What is the root word of Slight?

The root word of "slight" is from the Old Norse "sléttr," which means smooth, easy, or small.

Which vowel is used before Slight?

The word "slight" does not necessarily need a specific vowel before it as it can be used in many different contexts.

What is another term for Slight?

Another term for "slight" could be "minor" or "small."

What is the opposite of Slight?

The opposite of "slight" could be "major" or "significant."

Is a Slight an abstract noun?

No, "slight" is not an abstract noun.

Is a Slight a noun or adjective?

"Slight" is primarily used as an adjective but can also be used as a verb.

Is the Slight a vowel or consonant?

"Slight" is a word composed of both vowels and consonants.

Is a Slight a countable noun?

No, "slight" is not a countable noun.

Is Slight term a metaphor?

"Slight" itself is not a metaphor; however, it can be used within metaphorical expressions.

How do we divide Slight into syllables?

Since "slight" only has one syllable, it cannot be divided further.

Is Slight a negative or positive word?

"Slight" is generally neutral, but its connotation can be either negative or positive depending on the context.

Is Slight a collective noun?

No, "slight" is not a collective noun.

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