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Advantage Sentences

"Advantage" is a condition or circumstance that puts one in a favorable or superior position. e.g., "Having a good education can give you an advantage in life."

How to use Advantage in a sentence

Advantage Sentences

Having a car is a great advantage when you live in the countryside.
The advantage of being early is that you get a better choice.
She saw an advantage in arriving early to the meeting.
He took advantage of his opponent's mistakes in the chess match.
The library has the advantage of offering free books to borrow.
The new phone has the advantage of having a larger screen.
Being bilingual gives you an advantage in today's global world.
The advantage of having a map is that you won't get lost easily.
The sun gives us the advantage of natural light during the day.
The advantage of playing a musical instrument is that it helps to improve your memory.
He used his height as an advantage in the basketball game.
This technique offers a significant advantage over traditional methods.
The advantage of living in a small town is the sense of community.
Their team gained an advantage when our best player was injured.
He had the advantage of knowing the city well.
The athlete used his stamina to his advantage in the marathon.
Being honest is always an advantage.
The advantage of waking up early is getting a head start on the day.
The new running shoes gave her an advantage in the race.
With his experience, he has a definite advantage.
Fast typing gives you an advantage in computer programming.
He has the advantage of being both a singer and a dancer.
The new software has the advantage of being user-friendly.
One advantage of cooking at home is saving money.
The house has the advantage of a large garden.
The new model has the advantage of a more powerful engine.
They had the advantage of higher ground.
Knowledge is an advantage in this field.
The advantage of summer is that we can enjoy long days.
The advantage of being tall is reaching things on high shelves.
Being patient is an advantage in fishing.
The early bird has the advantage.
Their strategy provided an unexpected advantage.
The advantage of eating healthy is that you will feel better.
She used her quick thinking as an advantage in the debate.
The small size of the device is an advantage, as it's easy to carry.
The advantage of a good night's sleep can never be underestimated.
They held the advantage of surprise.
The advantage of a laptop is its portability.
Her past experience gave her an advantage over the other candidates.
The advantage of reading books is that it improves your vocabulary.
The store has the advantage of being near a busy street.
Being able to drive gives you an advantage when looking for jobs.
The school has the advantage of a large playground.
One advantage of cycling is that it's good for your health.
She has an advantage with her fluent French.
She has the advantage of a cheerful nature.
The advantage of living near a park is that you can go for walks easily.
Understanding others gives you an advantage in life.
The advantage of having a pet is that it can teach you responsibility.

Advantage Definitions

Dominance: In sports, advantage can mean a player's temporary superiority.
Advantage, Federer.
Benefit: Advantage refers to a favorable or beneficial circumstance or feature.
The home team had the advantage.
Skill: Advantage can also signify a person's unique skill or talent.
His experience gave him an advantage.
Tactical Gain: In strategy, advantage implies a position of superiority.
Their location gave them a military advantage.
Financial: In economics, advantage can mean greater resources or market share.
Economies of scale offer an advantage.
Legal Term: In law, advantage refers to unjust enrichment or gain.
He took advantage of the contract.

Advantage Idioms & Phrases

Press/Pressing one's advantage

Means to use your improved situation to achieve even more.
After scoring the first goal, the team pressed their advantage to secure the win.

Turn to one's advantage

Means to change a bad situation into a good one.
She turned the criticism to her advantage by improving her skills.

Have an advantage over

Means to have a superior position or ability compared to someone else.
As an experienced player, he had an advantage over his younger opponent.

Take advantage of

Means to use a particular situation to do or get what you want.
John took advantage of the sunny weather to go hiking.

To advantage

Means in a way that makes something seem better or more attractive.
The new lighting really shows the painting to advantage.

Advantage in numbers

Means having more people on one's side, providing superiority or power.
The army had the advantage in numbers, so they won the battle.

The advantage is yours

Means the situation is more favorable for you.
With your expertise in the subject, the advantage is yours in the debate.

At an advantage

Means in a superior or beneficial position.
With her training, she was at an advantage for the job position.

Play to one's advantage

Means to use your strengths or a situation to gain benefit.
She played her excellent negotiation skills to her advantage during the contract discussion.

Gain the advantage

Means to acquire a beneficial position or situation.
By studying hard, he gained an advantage over his classmates in the test.

Give an advantage

Means to provide a favorable condition or circumstance to someone.
The scholarship gave him the advantage to study without financial worries.

Work to one's advantage

Means to use a situation or information to benefit oneself.
He used his knowledge of the local market to his advantage in the business deal.

Lose the advantage

Means to lose a beneficial position or situation.
By wasting time, the team lost their advantage in the game.

Double advantage

Refers to two benefits obtained at once.
Working from home gave her the double advantage of saving commute time and being with her kids.

Fall at the advantage

Refers to a situation turning beneficial unexpectedly.
The sudden change in market trends fell at the advantage of her new business.

Keep the advantage

Means to maintain a favorable position or situation.
By continuously innovating, the company keeps its advantage in the technology market.

Advantage point

Refers to a position that allows a clear, broad view or understanding.
From the top of the hill, we had the advantage point to see the whole city.

Advantage ground

Refers to a position that provides strategic benefits.
The castle was built on an advantage ground, making it difficult to attack.

The advantage of surprise

Means the benefit gained by doing something unexpected.
The team used the advantage of surprise to win the game.

Lay at an advantage

Means in a position beneficial for action.
His training and experience lay at an advantage for the leadership role.

Common Curiosities

What is the root word of Advantage?

The root word of "advantage" is "vant," from the Old French "avant" meaning "before."

What part of speech is Advantage?

Advantage is a noun.

Which vowel is used before Advantage?

The vowel "an" is used before Advantage.

What is the verb form of Advantage?

There is no verb form for "advantage." The word "advantage" is a noun.

What is the opposite of Advantage?

The opposite of advantage is "disadvantage."

What is the pronunciation of Advantage?

The pronunciation of Advantage is /ədˈvæntɪdʒ/.

Is Advantage an adverb?

No, "advantage" is not an adverb.

What is another term for Advantage?

Another term for advantage is "benefit."

How many syllables are in Advantage?

There are three syllables in Advantage.

Is the Advantage a vowel or consonant?

"Advantage" starts with a vowel sound.

Why is it called Advantage?

It is called "advantage" because it denotes a condition or circumstance that makes one better off or superior to others.

Is Advantage a collective noun?

No, "advantage" is not a collective noun.

Is a Advantage a noun or adjective?

"Advantage" is a noun.

Is a Advantage an abstract noun?

Yes, "advantage" is an abstract noun.

Which determiner is used with Advantage?

The determiners "the," "an," and "no" can be used with Advantage.

Is Advantage a negative or positive word?

"Advantage" is generally considered a positive word.

Is Advantage term a metaphor?

No, "advantage" is not a metaphor. It can be used in metaphorical expressions or contexts, but it is not a metaphor itself.

How do we divide Advantage into syllables?

Advantage is divided into syllables like this: ad-van-tage.

Is a Advantage a countable noun?

Yes, "advantage" is a countable noun.

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