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Import Sentences

"Import" refers to bringing goods or services into a country from abroad for commercial purposes. e.g., To meet local demand, the government had to import wheat from its neighboring state.

How to use Import in a sentence

Import Sentences

The tech company decided to import lithium for its battery production.
The candy store decided to import licorice from Scandinavia for its customers.
The spice store decided to import vanilla beans from Madagascar for its gourmet products.
The construction company had to import marble from Italy for their luxury apartment project.
The toy store decided to import a popular board game from Germany.
The supermarket had to import bananas from the tropics due to high local demand.
Due to its lack of mineral resources, the country had to import iron ore for its steel factories.
The winery decided to import French oak barrels for aging their wines.
The museum decided to import an ancient Egyptian artifact for an exhibition.
The company decided to import software developers from India for their new project.
The garden center decided to import exotic plants from South America.
The music shop decided to import classic vinyl records from the 60s.
The farm decided to import alpacas from Peru for their wool production.
The jewelry store decided to import diamonds from Africa for their new collection.
The antique dealer decided to import a rare vase from China.
This grocery store decided to import oranges from Spain due to their unique flavor.
He wanted to import handcrafted jewelry from India to sell in his boutique.
After a severe drought, the town had no choice but to import water.
The bakery had to import a special flour from Italy to make authentic pizza.
The town decided to import sand from the desert to refill its beaches.
The restaurant had to import special spices from India to create authentic curry.
The tech company had to import special screens from South Korea for their new device.
The local library decided to import children's books from all over the world.
To expand their tea collection, the store decided to import rare teas from China.
To keep the zoo's polar bears healthy, they had to import fish from the Arctic.
She had to import a particular type of flower from the Netherlands for her wedding bouquet.
The company had to import lavender from France to produce its famous perfume.
He needed to import parts from America for his classic car restoration project.
The local mechanic had to import a rare engine part from Germany to fix the car.
The brewery decided to import malt from England for brewing their traditional ale.
The car dealership would import luxury vehicles from Germany every month.
To make their chocolate, the company needed to import cocoa from West Africa.
we were forced to import corn from the Midwest due to a shortage.
The computer company had to import rare earth metals to manufacture its processors.
Due to a coffee bean shortage, the café decided to import beans from Brazil.
The cheese shop had to import the famous Swiss cheese to cater to its customers.
To fuel its power plants, the country had to import natural gas from its neighbor.
The fashion designer decided to import lace from Belgium for her new collection.
The pharmaceutical company needed to import a particular fungus from Asia for research.
The small island nation had to import freshwater due to a lack of natural resources.
They import premium silk from Japan to create their high-end fashion designs.
To celebrate cultural diversity, the festival will import food from various countries.
The city planned to import electricity from a neighboring state to meet its increasing power demand.
The pet store had to import rare tropical fish from the South Pacific.
The chef decided to import Italian olive oil to maintain the authenticity of his recipes.
The government decided to import solar panels from China to promote renewable energy.
The art gallery decided to import a famous painting from Italy for a special exhibit.
The sports store decided to import professional cricket gear from England.
The resort decided to import fresh coconuts from the Caribbean for their guests.
The coffee shop had to import a special coffee machine from Italy.

Import Definitions

Meaning: Import can mean the significance or implication of something.
The import of his words struck me.
Fetch: Import in programming means bringing in modules or libraries.
Import the library into your code.
Trade: Import refers to bringing goods or services into a country.
The country imports most of its oil.
Data Transfer: Import in computing refers to bringing data into a program.
I will import the spreadsheet into the database.
Influence: Import can mean the impact something has.
His ideas were of great import.
Essential: Import can describe something as being of great importance.
The import of the discovery was immediately recognized.

Import Idioms & Phrases

Import Substitution

This is an economic policy that encourages domestic production over import.
The government's policy of import substitution has led to increased local manufacturing.

Heavy Import

This refers to a product or goods that a country imports in large amounts.
Oil is a heavy import for many non-oil-producing countries.

Carry Great Import

This refers to something having great importance or impact.
The president's speech carried great import.

Import License

This refers to legal permission to bring goods into a country.
To import exotic pets, you need an import license.

Import Ban

This means a prohibition on bringing certain goods into a country.
The government has placed an import ban on certain types of fruits.

Import Restrictions

These are limitations on the goods that can be brought into a country.
There are many import restrictions on medicines.

Import Surcharge

This refers to an extra fee imposed on imported goods.
There was an outcry about the new import surcharge on electronic goods.

Import Duty

This means the tax imposed on imported goods.
The government recently raised the import duty on electronics.

Import Tariff

This means a tax on goods being imported.
They raised the import tariff on imported cars.

Import Regulations

These are the rules governing how goods can be imported into a country.
You must adhere to import regulations to avoid legal trouble.

Critical Import

This refers to essential goods that are allowed for import despite restrictions.
Despite the trade embargo, medical supplies were considered a critical import.

Import of Attention

This refers to something of significance or importance.
The import of attention in studying should be considered.

Without Import

This refers to something without significance.
I ignored his comment as it was without import.

Import Quota

This means a limit is imposed on the quantity of a particular good that can be imported.
The country's import quota for wheat was increased this year.

Import Control

This refers to government rules that regulate imported goods.
Due to health concerns, the import control of processed foods has been tightened.

Import Declaration

This document declares what goods are being brought into a country.
Customs officials asked for the import declaration.

Illegal Import

This refers to goods brought into a country without following proper legal procedures.
The customs agency seized an illegal import of endangered animals.

Bulk Import

This refers to large quantities of goods being imported at once.
The company does a bulk import of raw materials every quarter.

Import Dependence

This refers to a situation where a country heavily relies on imported goods.
The country's import dependence on oil is a major concern.

Import Export Balance

This compares the value of a country's imports and exports.
The country's import-export balance has been negative for the past decade.

Common Curiosities

Why is it called Import?

It is called "Import" because it refers to goods or services brought into a country from abroad.

Is "Import" a negative or positive word?

"Import" is a neutral word; it isn't inherently negative or positive.

Is "Import" a countable noun?

You can have one import or many imports.

What part of speech is Import?

"Import" can be both a noun and a verb.

Is "Import" an adverb?

No, "Import" is not an adverb.

Which vowel is used before Import?

There isn't a fixed rule for a specific vowel before "Import."

What is the root word of Import?

The root word of "Import" is from the Latin "importare" meaning "to bring in."

What is the opposite of Import?

The opposite of "Import" is "Export."

How many syllables are in Import?

There are two syllables in "Import." im-port

Which determiner is used with Import?

However, "the", "an", and "this" can all be used.

What is the verb form of Import?

The verb form of "Import" is "Import."

What is the pronunciation of Import?

The pronunciation of "Import" is /ɪmˈpɔːrt/ as a verb and /ˈɪmpɔːrt/ as a noun.

Is "Import" a noun or adjective?

It is not typically used as an adjective.

What is another term for Import?

Another term for "Import" is "Bring in."

Is "Import" an abstract noun?

No, "Import" is not an abstract noun; it refers to tangible goods or services.

Is "Import" a vowel or consonant?

It contains both vowels and consonants.

Is "Import" a collective noun?

No, "Import" is not a collective noun.

Is "Import" term a metaphor?

It is a direct term used in trade and commerce.

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