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Intrepid Sentences

"Intrepid" is a term that describes someone who is brave and fearless, not intimidated by difficulty or danger. e.g., The intrepid explorer journeyed through the uncharted wilderness.

How to use Intrepid in a sentence

Intrepid Sentences

The intrepid young man saved the drowning child from the raging river.
The intrepid soldier was awarded for his bravery during the battle.
As an intrepid peacekeeper, she stood between warring factions to negotiate peace.
Her intrepid spirit shone when she took the stage despite her stage fright.
The intrepid inventor was undeterred by failure, continually refining his designs.
The intrepid artist wasn't afraid to experiment with controversial themes in her work.
The intrepid officer patrolled the dangerous neighborhood at night.
The intrepid photographer journeyed into the war zone to document the conflict.
The intrepid researcher ventured deep into the cave in search of new species.
With intrepid courage, the young girl stood up against the school bully.
Despite the dangers of the journey, the intrepid explorer pressed on.
An intrepid leader, she guided her team through many challenging projects.
The intrepid pilot flew through the storm to deliver the much-needed supplies.
The intrepid wildlife ranger stood firm against the poachers.
His intrepid stance against corruption made him a respected figure in the community.
The intrepid astronaut embarked on a daring mission to Mars.
Despite his young age, the boy showed an intrepid will to recover from his illness.
The intrepid nurse worked tirelessly in the epidemic-stricken area.
The intrepid traveler was not discouraged by the hardships of the road.
Even when others gave up, the intrepid student kept trying until she solved the math problem.
An intrepid swimmer, he was the first to cross the shark-infested waters.
The intrepid puppy fearlessly explored the large backyard.
The intrepid firefighter rushed into the burning building to save the trapped family.
His intrepid spirit helped him overcome many challenges.
The intrepid hiker continued the trek despite the steep, rocky terrain.
The intrepid defender blocked the opponent's attack, securing victory for his team.
Despite the howling storm, the intrepid sailor kept steering the boat.
As an intrepid journalist, he visited conflict zones to report the truth.
The intrepid knight faced the dragon without fear.
The intrepid detective didn't let danger stop her from solving the case.
The intrepid archaeologist unearthed ancient treasures despite many hazards.
The intrepid entrepreneur started her own company at a very young age.
An intrepid adventurer, she set out to climb the tallest mountain in the world.
She was intrepid in her pursuit of justice.
The intrepid scientist ventured into the heart of the jungle to study rare species.
His intrepid actions during the earthquake saved many lives.
Despite facing a well-established opponent, the intrepid politician never backed down from the debate.
With intrepid determination, he overcame his fear of heights and climbed the cliff.
The intrepid climber reached the summit despite adverse weather conditions.
Despite the threats, the intrepid human rights activist continued his fight for equality.
She took on challenging roles as an intrepid performer to push her acting skills.
He showed his intrepid nature by volunteering for the dangerous mission.
Despite her illness, the intrepid teacher continued to educate her students.
The intrepid scout led the group through the dense forest.
With intrepid resolve, she continued her hunger strike to protest against injustice.
Despite the heavy snowfall, the intrepid postman delivered the mail.
The intrepid mountaineer faced the challenges of the steep climb with determination.
The intrepid cyclist won the race despite a serious injury.
The intrepid chef created innovative dishes, undeterred by criticism.
The intrepid soldier jumped onto the grenade to save his comrades.

Intrepid Definitions

Resolute: Intrepid refers to determined or unwavering spirit.
He was intrepid in facing challenges.
Daring: Intrepid can mean willing to take risks.
Her intrepid actions saved the day.
Fearless: Intrepid describes being courageous and bold.
The intrepid explorer ventured into unknown lands.
Adventurous: Intrepid can describe a willingness to explore new things.
She was an intrepid traveler.
Valiant: Intrepid implies bravery in facing danger.
The intrepid soldier stood his ground.
Undaunted: Intrepid can mean not discouraged or afraid.
The intrepid activist continued to speak out.

Intrepid Idioms & Phrases

The intrepid gaze

To look upon a situation or future with courage and resolve.
Despite the difficulties ahead, she looked at them with an intrepid gaze.

Intrepid journey

Used to denote a path that requires bravery and courage to undertake.
His pursuit of becoming a successful writer was indeed an intrepid journey.

Intrepid flame

It is used to describe someone's courage that burns fiercely.
Even after repeated failures, her intrepid flame never died out.

Intrepid shield

Refers to the courage that protects one from succumbing to fear.
Amidst all the criticisms and doubt, his intrepid shield kept him from giving up.

Walking the intrepid line

This refers to a person who is bravely confronting a challenging situation.
In his pursuit to change the corrupted system, he was walking the intrepid line.

Intrepid heartbeat

Refers to the courage that pulses within someone.
Despite the dangers of the mission, his intrepid heartbeat kept him moving forward.

Intrepid river

A phrase to describe the unyielding bravery that flows like a river.
In the face of adversity, his courage was like an intrepid river, constantly flowing.

Intrepid soldier

A metaphor used to describe a person who bravely fights against odds in their personal or professional life.
As an intrepid soldier, he combatted all the hardships thrown his way.

Intrepid trailblazer

A phrase to describe a person who bravely pioneers new ways.
As an intrepid trailblazer, she was the first in her family to attend college.

Wings of the intrepid

Referring to the bravery that enables one to soar over difficulties.
The wings of the intrepid propelled him above his circumstances.

The intrepid handshake

A phrase that symbolizes a courageous agreement or commitment.
She gave her boss an intrepid handshake, ready to tackle the challenging project.

The lion's intrepid

Referring to the courage and determination of a person that can be compared to a lion's fearlessness.
John, when facing the difficult decision at work, showed he's the lion's intrepid.

Intrepid compass

Referring to one's courage that guides them through the challenges of life.
During her journey through cancer, Emily's intrepid compass kept her going.

Intrepid mountain

Describes an immense challenge taken on with bravery and determination.
Tom took the intrepid mountain of his doctoral thesis with exceptional courage.

The intrepid dance

A metaphor for taking bold steps in life, undeterred by the consequences.
With his decision to start his own business, Steve was ready for the intrepid dance.

Intrepid ocean

Describes a person's profound bravery that seems endless.
Maria faced the obstacles in her life like an intrepid ocean, unending and powerful.

Intrepid torch

It refers to a person who leads the way with bravery and determination.
As an activist, Martin was an intrepid torch, guiding others through tough times.

Eyes of the intrepid

The gaze of a person full of courage and determination.
Underneath her soft appearance, she had the eyes of the intrepid.

Intrepid as the dawn

To be as courageous as the day is new.
With the challenge ahead, Sally was as intrepid as the dawn.

Facing the intrepid winds

It implies facing a situation with bravery and determination, no matter how difficult it might be.
Peter was well prepared for the court case, ready to face the intrepid winds.

Common Curiosities

What part of speech is Intrepid?

"Intrepid" is an adjective.

Is the Intrepid a vowel or consonant?

"Intrepid" is a word, not a vowel or a consonant. However, it starts with a vowel sound.

What is the root word of Intrepid?

The root word of "intrepid" is derived from the Latin word "intrepidus," meaning "fearless."

What is the opposite of Intrepid?

The opposite of "intrepid" would be "timid" or "cowardly."

Is Intrepid an adverb?

No, "intrepid" is not an adverb.

Why is it called Intrepid?

The term "intrepid" originates from Latin, where "in" negates the following term, "trepidus," which means "alarmed." So, "intrepid" literally translates to "not alarmed" or "fearless."

Is an Intrepid an abstract noun?

No, "intrepid" is not an abstract noun. It is an adjective.

Is Intrepid a negative or positive word?

"Intrepid" is generally considered a positive word, denoting courage and bravery.

What is the verb form of Intrepid?

There is no verb form of "intrepid." The word "intrepid" is an adjective.

Which vowel is used before Intrepid?

There is no rule about which vowel to use before "intrepid." The choice of an or a before "intrepid" depends on the sound that follows. If the next word begins with a vowel sound, use "an." If it begins with a consonant sound, use "a."

Which determiner is used with Intrepid?

"The," "an," or "a" could be used with "intrepid" depending on the context.

How many syllables are in Intrepid?

There are three syllables in "intrepid." in-trep-id

Is an Intrepid a noun or adjective?

Intrepid is an adjective.

Is an Intrepid a countable noun?

No, "intrepid" is not a countable noun. It is an adjective.

Is Intrepid a collective noun?

No, "intrepid" is not a collective noun. It is an adjective.

What is the pronunciation of Intrepid?

The pronunciation of "intrepid" is /ɪnˈtrɛpɪd/.

What is another term for Intrepid?

Another term for "intrepid" could be "fearless" or "brave."

Is the Intrepid term a metaphor?

In most contexts, "intrepid" is not a metaphor. It is an adjective used to describe someone fearless. However, phrases like "the intrepid lion" or "intrepid journey" can be part of a metaphorical expression.

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