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Rode Sentences

"Rode" is the past tense of "ride," meaning to sit on and control the movement of a vehicle, animal, or machine. e.g., She rode her bicycle to the park.

How to use Rode in a sentence

Rode Sentences

Sarah rode the roller coaster six times.
We rode our bikes to the beach.
My sister rode her horse in the competition.
He rode his skateboard down the hill.
The cowboy rode into the sunset.
The queen rode in the royal carriage.
The family rode the ferry across the river.
The policeman rode his motorcycle through traffic.
Yesterday, I rode the city bus for the first time.
We rode in a taxi from the airport.
They rode the lift to the top of the ski hill.
The knight rode his horse into battle.
They rode the escalator to the second floor.
We rode in a boat on the lake.
She rode her scooter around the neighborhood.
He rode the mechanical bull at the fair.
She rode the tractor on the farm.
The dog rode in the car to the vet.
The kids rode the merry-go-round at the fair.
The tourists rode the cable car up the mountain.
The explorers rode camels across the desert.
They rode their sleds down the snowy hill.
I rode the swing at the playground.
The fireman rode the fire truck to the fire.
The boys rode their skateboards at the park.
They rode the subway to the museum.
The princess rode in the parade.
She rode in the ambulance to the hospital.
I rode my bike to the grocery store.
The mailman rode his bike to deliver the mail.
The farmer rode his tractor in the field.
The pilot rode the airplane to New York.
They rode their motorcycles on the open road.
The scuba diver rode the current along the reef.
He rode his bike to school every day.
The circus performer rode the unicycle in the big top.
She rode in a helicopter over the city.
The football team rode a float in the parade.
The team rode the bus to the away game.
The children rode the elephant at the zoo.
The baby rode in the stroller at the mall.
The jockey rode the horse around the track.
She rode the jet ski on the ocean.
The surfer rode the wave to the shore.
We rode the carousel at the amusement park.
The cowgirl rode the wild horse in the rodeo.
The kids rode the seesaw at the park.
The teacher rode the school bus with the students.
The tourists rode in a gondola in Venice.
We rode in a hot air balloon over the countryside.

Rode Definitions

Bicycling: In cycling, rode signifies having used a bicycle.
They rode 20 miles today.
Hovering: Rode can mean to float or hover, usually for boats.
The boat rode at anchor all night.
Past Tense of Ride: Rode is the past tense of the verb 'ride,' usually involving a vehicle or animal.
She rode a horse yesterday.
Accompanying in Vehicle: Rode can mean being a passenger in a vehicle.
He rode in the backseat during the trip.
Mechanism: In mechanics, rode refers to the scope of an anchor cable.
The ship has 10 fathoms of rode out.
Slang: In informal usage, rode can imply having experienced something intensely.
He rode the wave of success.

Rode Idioms & Phrases

Rode roughshod over

To treat someone or something with reckless disregard or severe criticism.
The company rode roughshod over the small town's concerns when they built the factory.

Rode the coattails

To benefit from someone else's success.
He rode the coattails of his famous sister to get into the music industry.

Rode out the storm

To endure a challenging situation.
They rode out the storm of the financial crisis by saving and investing wisely.

Rode the bench

Refers to an athlete kept out of play and seated on the bench.
Mike rode the bench all season, but never stopped practicing.

Rode shotgun

To ride in the passenger seat next to the driver in a vehicle.
Emma always rode shotgun on the road trip to help with the map.

Rode the pine

rode the bench."
He rode the pine until the coach finally put him in the game.

Rode herd on

To supervise or control.
As the project manager, Maria rode herd on the team to ensure they met their deadlines.

Rode high

To be very successful or confident.
After their championship win, the team rode high.

Rode on the wall

To observe or be aware without participating directly.
As a journalist, she rode on the wall during the protests to report accurately.

Rode the rail

To travel by train.
They rode the rail across Europe during their summer vacation.

Rode tall in the saddle

To be proud or confident.
Even after his failure, he rode tall in the saddle.

Rode a desk

To have an administrative job, often in a military or police context.
After his injury, the officer rode a desk.

Rode at anchor

Refers to a ship that is anchored.
The ship rode at anchor in the bay during the storm.

Rode the elevator

Refers to experience ups and downs, typically in a professional context.
In his long career, he rode the elevator of success and failure.

Rode the tide

To go along with the flow or trend.
The company rode the tide of the new technology and became very successful.

Rode the wave

To take advantage of a trend or a period of success.
The small business rode the wave of the holiday season by offering big discounts.

Rode one's hobbyhorse

To frequently or obsessively talk or complain about a subject that one feels strongly about.
Whenever we met, he rode his hobbyhorse about environmental conservation.

Rode the range

To travel over a large area, often to look after livestock.
The cowboy rode the range to check on the cattle.

Rode the gravy train

To enjoy a period of success or profitability.
After his hit album, the singer rode the gravy train.

Rode his luck

To continue to succeed in situations where it could have quickly gone wrong.
He rode his luck at the poker table until he finally lost.

Common Curiosities

Which vowel is used before Rode?

There is no vowel used before "Rode."

What is the verb form of Rode?

The verb form of "Rode" is "Ride."

What is the root word of Rode?

The root word of "Rode" is "Ride."

What is the pronunciation of Rode?

Rode is pronounced as r-ow-d.

Why is it called Rode?

It is called "Rode" because it is the past tense of "Ride."

What is another term for Rode?

Another term for "Rode" could be "Traveled."

How many syllables are in Rode?

There is one syllable in "Rode."

What part of speech is Rode?

"Rode" is a verb.

What is the opposite of Rode?

The opposite of "Rode" would be "Walked" or "Did not ride."

Is the Rode a vowel or consonant?

"Rode" is a word, not a letter, so it cannot be classified as a vowel or consonant.

Is a Rode a noun or adjective?

"Rode" is a verb, not a noun or adjective.

Is Rode a negative or positive word?

"Rode" is a neutral word; its connotation depends on context.

Is a Rode an abstract noun?

No, "Rode" is not an abstract noun, it is a verb.

Is Rode a collective noun?

No, "Rode" is not a collective noun, it's a verb.

Is Rode term a metaphor?

"Rode" can be used metaphorically in certain contexts, like "he rode the wave of success." But the word "Rode" itself is not a metaphor.

Is Rode an adverb?

No, "Rode" is not an adverb, it is a verb.

Which determiner is used with Rode?

"Rode" typically does not require a determiner as it is a verb.

Is a Rode a countable noun?

No, "Rode" is a verb, not a countable noun.

How do we divide Rode into syllables?

"Rode" cannot be divided as it consists of only one syllable.

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